Diet & Exercise information for lasting weight loss & improved health

Peggy Kraus counsels individuals on diet and exercise. If you are having trouble losing weight or if you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, there are steps you can take to fix what's causing the problem, not just cover it up with prescription medication. Hiding behind prescription medication allows the condition to fester and increases the odds that your health will worsen in the future.

Making lifestyle changes, such as changing your diet and making changes to your exercise plan, can be frustrating if you aren't sure what to do. If you need advice at this very moment, you can contact Peggy at You can also peruse the pages on this website with helpful information about a healthy diet and exercise style.

In addition to meeting with clients face-to-face to guide them to better health through diet and exercise modification, Peggy offers

Web-based counseling means no traveling, no waiting rooms, and no hassle.

Now, you can receive personal diet & exercise advice over the web without ever leaving your home!

Here's how it works:

You and Peggy will "meet" online for one-hour to create an individual plan for you to achieve your goals. You can also "talk" by e-mail. Once a day -- or if that's too much for you, you can set your own pace -- you and Peggy will "discuss" your diet and your exercise plan. Peggy will offer you health-improving suggestions based on research, experience, and your unique goals and health history.

Peggy will answer questions you have about diet & exercise, and she will encourage you to reach for your best health.

The cost for this service is $135 for the initial one-hour consult and $40 for 20-minute follow-ups.

You can continue with consecutive counseling each week or you can jump in and out and sign up for a follow-up if you need a little extra push.