What people are saying about Erasing Diabetes

"The program that Peggy put me on radically changed my life. Within three months after my Diabetes diagnosis, I went from feeling scared and out of control to being in full control of my health resulting in normalizing my blood sugar levels without medication. Peggy was fully engaged in the process and gave me the tools and knowledge to make the change.”          Peter F.

Why it works

Most people who get diabetes are not eating enough of the right food, and they are not getting enough exercise or doing it right. When you add in more of the right food and when you add or fix the exercise, blood sugar numbers start to fall.

Having type 2 diabetes means that you have too much sugar in your blood. In most cases, the extra sugar comes from the food you eat. Combining the right food with the right exercise plan will help bring blood sugar levels back to normal.

ERASING DIABETES uses strategies that lower blood sugar levels including:

        · Encouraging foods that don’t raise blood sugar

        · Encouraging foods that lower blood sugar

        · Encouraging the right exercise at the right time