'Need help managing your family's weight?

Many health behaviors are formed during childhood. Now is the time to guide your child to develop habits that will usher them into adulthood — in a healthful way! Peggy can coach you through the changes.

Common childhood illnesses and conditions can be controlled by changing your child's diet:
  • Constipation and digestive disturbances
  • · Eczema and common skin disorders
  • · Frequent illnesses and infections
  • · Asthma and allergies
  • · Poor behavior
  • · Ear infections

Develop and implement a plan for success!
    Feed your family nutritious foods that they enjoy, encourage regular physical activity, and set and enforce house rules that will let them thrive! Enlist the help of someone who has successfully changed the diets and the activity levels of her own children. Peggy can show you how to apply these principles to your family.